Quality and Comfort

All Strømmen windows and doors are produced to last for decades. Our exclusive and innovative design solutions will add value to your home:


  • Customised design solutions

All our products are customised to your individual needs and requirements. Our broad product portfolio, in a variety of price ranges, ensures that we can offer solutions to all your requests.


  • Direct distribution

We organise shipping directly from our factory to your address. In this way, we eliminate additional costs and provide you with better support.


  • Quality standards

Schueco is synonymous with exceptional German quality. All our Aluminium and PVC products are produced using Schueco profiles, while our wooden products are produced using laminated finger jointed pine with excellent shape and stability.


Lifetime Investment

Strømmen is committed to finding the best solutions for our customers, because we know that windows and doors are a huge part of your home. A Strømmen product is a lifetime investment because:

  • Your home will become more attractive.
  • Your home will become more energy efficient.
  • Your home will increase in value.
  • Your home will look better from the outside-in.