At Strommen, we take pride in manufacturing durable and long-lasting products. This allows us to offer a comprehensive five-year warranty on all our products.


Visual Inspection

In accordance with Strommen UK Ltd's Sales and Delivery Terms, the Customer shall inspect the product (frames and glass) for damage during unloading. If the Customer finds any defect or damage to the product on such visual inspection, the carrier shall be notified immediately and Strommen UK Ltd has to be notified in written form within 3 working days.


Warranty Procedure

In case of defects, please contact Strommen UK Ltd immediately. The Customer shall inform Strommen UK Ltd no later than 3 working days following the discovery. We ask you to provide us with a written claim, including pictures and detailed information of the defect.

Repair works will in most case be performed by employees of Strommen UK Ltd, but under separate agreements, it can be agreed that repair works shall be performed by a third party.

Please have the sales agreement ready for reference.


Warranties are only given to products that have been maintained and operated properly. Regular maintenance ensures that the product's wind, noise and dust resistance will not be reduced during its service life.

Windows and doors need regular maintenance, at least once per year.


Repairs performed to the product during the warranty time shall not prolong the product's initial warranty.

If a product was installed by the Customer, claims caused by non-qualified mounting procedures shall be considered to be the Customer’s responsibility.