Strømmen has two main solutions for wide entrances: lift and slide door systems and bi-folding door systems.


Lift and Slide Door Systems

Sliding patio doors are the perfect solution for customers who want large glass surfaces and a great view. Strømmen’s sliding doors are easy and comfortable to use, and they let in immense amounts of sunlight. Our sliding patio doors can be manufactured in timber, timber/alu, aluminium and uPVC:


  • Timber and Timber/Alu

The sliding doors in timber have a smooth surface, are easy to operate and have an elegant design. Timber is a material with excellent thermal insulation values and by using a four-panel configuration, the sliding doors in timber can be produced up to 9,9 meters wide. Read more.


  • Aluminium

We manufacture aluminium sliding doors with Schueco profiles and we can therefore guarantee silent and easy access to terraces, patios, and winter gardens. Due to Schueco’s high-technological profiles, the sliding doors are energy effective and are suitable for both private and public buildings. The aluminium sliding doors can be up to 6 meters wide and have many different opening combinations. Read more.


  • UPVC

Schueco sliding patio doors in uPVC have multi chamber profiles and when the doors are manufactured with high-quality glass, impressive thermal insulation values are achieved. The maximum width for our uPVC sliding doors is 6 meters. Read more.


Bi-Folding Door Systems

We manufacture bi-folding doors to customers that want the widest possible opening on their patio door. Bi-folding doors are perfect when you want to create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. Strømmen’s bi-folding doors in timber, timber/alu and aluminium allow you to open more than 90% of the profile’s width:


  • Timber

The bi-folding doors in timber meet the most challenging architectural requirements. Sophisticated and modern solutions make these folding doors perfect for wide entrances up to 5,7 meters wide. Read more.


  • Timber/Alu

A combination of timber and aluminium makes these bi-folding doors extremely durable and weather resistant. The aluminium cladding prolongs the door’s service life and it will also require much less maintenance than standard timber doors. Read more.


  • Aluminium

The thermally broken Schueco profiles we use guarantee excellent thermal insulation and weather resistance. These exclusive aluminium bi-folding doors are easy to adjust and operate, and demand almost no maintenance. Read more.