Maintenance of Aluminium Products

Please see the PDF file below for maintenance instructions for aluminium products.

Maintenance of Timber Products

If the door was delivered untereated, it is extremely important that all untreated surfaces are painted right after the door is installed in the building. Regular treatment with paint will give a sufficient protection.

Sealings and movable fittings should not be covered by paint.

The merbau threshold is oiled from the factory, but the threshold still requires yearly treatment with oil for hardwood.


  • Cleaning

Inside: needs to be washed with water and a mild detergent.

Outside: spray on clean water, wash with neutral detergent and wash away with clean water.


  • Painting

Surfaces have to be renewed when the weather conditions make it necessary. Inspect at least once a year. Damages in the paint have to be repaired by sanding gently, using fine sand paper, followed by two coats of paint. On the outside, the paint has to be suited for outside use.

 Remember: sealings and movable fittings should not be covered with paint.


  • Continuous maintenance

Alu.tracks on threshold needs to be kept clean. Check the sealings and fittings.


  • Periodic maintenance:

Movable parts (not wheels) have to be lubricated once a year, or when you find it necessary.


We would like to remind you that your Strømmen timber product is made from “living” material and it tends to shrink or bloat due to the climatic conditions, even though the product is flawless.

Maintenance of uPVC Products

Even though uPVC windows and doors are durable and require very little maintenance over the years, it is necessary to operate and clean them properly to maintain their long service life.


First of all you should remember a few basic rules for the use of uPVC products:

- If the door or window is opened, it is not recommended to turn the handles.

- Also, remember that the handle cannot be turned more than its fixed position allows.

- To open / close, make sure that the leaf is well-pressed.

- It is advised to lubricate the product's hardware a couple of times per year.

- Proper ventilation of the building is very important.

- Glass units can be cleaned only with special cleaners.

- Plastic windows can not be cleaned with abrasive cleaners and detergents containing nitrates.

- If you are undertaking repair work at your home, please make sure that debris does not fall into the product's opening mechanisms.


  • Ventilation of Rooms

The weather resistance of our Schueco products prevents air exchange between the outside and inside. In your home, there are numerous sources of moisture, such as water vapour in the kitchen and bathroom, plants, and even people.

Humidity indoors causes condensation on windows and doors. This moisture can lead to damp walls, patches of mildew, mould, and deterioration of plaster.

During the day, depending on how the room is used, ventilate as often as possible for at least 5 minutes. The short blast ventilation causes relatively little heat loss, but replaces humid room air effectively. The air humidity will then return to normal levels.

Avoid prolonged ventilation when the heating is on.


  • Maintaining Gaskets

To guarantee a long service life of a uPVC product, it is very important to maintain gaskets properly. Thus, it is highly recommended to clean the gaskets at least once per year. For cleaning it is best to use warm soap water. Gaskets should be cleaned throughout the perimeter of the door or window with a dampened cloth. When gaskets are completely dry, they should be lubricated with a special liquid for rubber.


  • Maintaining Hardware

Opening mechanisms should be lubricated at least once a year. A special oil must be used.


Maintenance instructions